Top 100 Homeschool Blogs

While their motivations and methods may vary, those who travel parallel homeschool paths are united by a passion to be active participants in and witnesses to the education of their children. The homeschool blog community plays a big part in making the journey a little less lonely as its members offer support along each step of the way.

I Can Teach My Child
1st-grade teacher turned homeschooling mom Jenae shares tips as practical as stamping out stinky sippy cups and moments as memorable as a treasure hunt at grandpa’s house on “I Can Teach My Child”, a blog that honors the importance of being a child’s first teacher and offers original ideas along with wisdom culled from the community of homeschool bloggers.

Home to 4 Kiddos
The award-winning homeschool blog Home to 4 Kiddos provides an abundance of helpful tips and insights on educating multiple children at different ages. Inspiring photos illustrate the homeschooling journey for this family with four young learners and also features homeschooling resources, delicious recipes, reviews, and ideas for learning-packed field trips.

Why Homeschool
“Why Homeschool” explores the principles and practice of taking charge of your child’s education, with information for the committed, the curious and the confused; the Cate family of prolific bloggers promotes the power of a connected community through the Carnival of Homeschooling, enriches lessons with the General Contractor method and shares videos that enlighten and entertain.

Spell Outloud
Elementary teacher turned Christian homeschooler Maureen Spell focuses on early childhood on “Spell Outloud”, where this dedicated digital scrapbooker with a talent for taking priceless pictures shares printables aplenty, tips for teaching toddlers, reading curriculum comparisons plus ideas for honoring old traditions and starting new ones.

Confessions of a Homeschooler
“Confessions of a Homeschooler” chronicles the journey of a homeschooling convert who draws inspiration from blogging peers; Erica offers a reality-check in response to those who wonder how she does it all and shares ideas for hands-on field trips, geography activities from pole-to-pole and an insight into one mom’s decision to choose the challenge of homeschooling.

Homeschool Bytes
Whiteboards, stickers and a policy on earned media time help motivate kids to do schoolwork for Misty, a blogger with passions ranging from karate to beekeeping who boasts a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio, comes up with clever ideas for catching good behavior and welcomes informative guest posts on “Homeschool Bytes”.

Delightful Learning
Michelle shares experience homeschooling from preschool to high school and offers a photographic record of what learning looks like on “Delightful Learning”; read this blog to find Instant Challenges that stimulate learning and discover how classic kid-lit forms the basis for weeklong activity with the Five in a Row curriculum.

The Homeschool Village
Stef and Susan welcome a team of talented bloggers who offer unique perspectives and expertise on special needs schooling, hands-on activities, family focus and much more; together these long-timers and novices to homeschooling from places as far-flung as Borneo form “The Homeschool Village”, a rich resource for finding encouraging words and practical plans.

Homeschool Creations
Witnessing learning in action, dealing with kids with clashing personalities and weighing what to do when a curriculum doesn’t click are examples of the heartfelt posts on “Homeschool Creations” by Jolanthe, who connects with community by hosting Preschool Corner and fills her blog with photographs of moments to remember along the homeschooling journey.

Dewey’s Treehouse
Thrift store finds help fill the bookshelves lining “Dewey’s Treehouse”, the chronicle of a Canadian family of frugal-by-choice ‘homesquirrelers’ who admit their blog won’t fit a neat niche; find vintage clippings that elicit nostalgia and knee-slaps alongside serious musings about waiting for the next children’s classics on this eclectic blog.

Chestnut Grove Academy
Enrolling in a Montessori course demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and a desire to sample a variety of teaching styles for this Mormon homeschool blogger with a Master’s in Early Childhood Education; “Chestnut Grove Academy” by Jen boasts Hawaii as its home base and rich resource for field trips featuring exotic scenery and Polynesian culture.

Brighton Park
Katie is a pediatric speech language pathologist and Waldorf inspired homeschooler at Brighton Park, a blog filled with homeschool help, tips, activities, tutorials, crafts, speech-language information and information on homeschooling children with special needs.

The Homeschool Classroom
Diverse perspectives and unique voices make “The Homeschool Classroom” a rich resource for those who practice or ponder this education choice; find a list of life skills that are required learning, homeschooling truths learned in the trenches and tips for housekeeping while homeschooling on this collaborative blog.

The Homeschool Post
Created as the host space for the Homeschool Blog Awards – featuring 20 categories ranging from funniest to best dad blog – “The Homeschool Post” takes a team approach by highlighting the best bloggers who reflect the heart of a passion-fueled movement.

Accidentally Homeschooling
The challenges of going back to work, homeschooling high-school kids and meeting special learning needs inspire the sincere stories woven into “Accidentally Homeschooling”, where Terri G prides herself on innovative thriftiness and admits to resorting occasionally to the threat of public school and catching up with life by borrowing its liberal days-off policy.

The Crafty Classroom
Hands-on learning is the rule in “The Crafty Classroom”, a blog brimming with photo-illustrated homemade projects, themed printables, reviews & giveaways, plus a special section of mom-made creations; Valerie shares crafts on topics ranging from fossils to pioneers along with tools and fundraising ideas ideal for homeschoolers.

This Reading Mama
Fueled by a personal and professional passion,”This Reading Mama” addresses a concern shared by many parents; inspired by Montessori methods, the former classroom school teacher who narrates this blog offers help for emergent and struggling readers along with lessons that make literacy come alive.

Layers of Learning
Homeschool siblings Michelle and Karen – plus artist-in-residence Melynie – extend lessons for maximum impact on “Layers of Learning”; debunk education myths, discover how a Venn diagram illustrates the difference between reindeer and caribou, and find ways to teach multiple ages simultaneously from sisters who boast a total of ten at-home learners.

Quirky Momma
Four Dallas moms, including founder Rachel Miller, share their collective experience and ideas categorized from infant to middle school on “Quirky Momma”, where readers find the recipe for making play-dough fit for dinner, science projects that inspire serendipitous discovery and sorting activities to stay organized.

No Time for Flash Cards
Blog creator Allison McDonald and a tight team of talented writers offer an exhaustive list of activities – from acorns and alligators to zebras and Zip-loc painting – on “No Time for Flash Cards”, a blog dedicated to discovery through doing, where band-aids become lightning bugs and bubble wrap is the perfect print medium.

The Holistic Homeschooler
“The Holistic Homeschooler” chronicles the brave and sometimes bumpy journey of single mom Michelle, who makes it a mission to find what works and helps put a face on a movement that is often misunderstood; learning aimed at the whole child and inspired by the Charlotte Mason approach is the thread running through this earnest blog.

Living and Learning
Chronicling the progress of a happy homeschooled child, with a generous helping of photos that bring the journey to life, is the focus of “Living and Learning” by Tennessee parents Sherry and Rick; nature frequently serves as the classroom, backyard volcanoes erupt and field trips inspire up-close learning on this family blog.

Our Journey Westward
Homeschooling mom Cindy West realizes the serious responsibility that comes with the calling, aiming to provide an education devoid of gaps; on “Our Journey Westward”, a Kentucky farm provides the setting for active and innovative learning, where nature often serves as classroom and Churchill Downs is a fun field trip destination.

Living Montessori Now
Deb Chitwood brings an extensive background of teaching and applying a time-tested learning approach on “Living Montessori Now”; with her own children now homeschool graduates, this blogger offers a rich resource for parents and educators, including tips for setting up a classroom and making Montessori materials.

Get Along Home
Refusing to count housework as schoolwork and wondering where a polite homeschooled kid fits in a dog-eat-dog world, Cindy combines sharp wit and Southern charm to share her experience with homeschooling and the exceptional lifestyle that goes with it; bucking the trend by recognizing real life is right at home, this blogger reclaims time for reflection on “Get Along Home.”

Jimmie’s Collage
A lifelong practitioner of the art of hodgepodge, the blogger behind “Jimmie’s Collage” gets inspiration from the Charlotte Mason method and swells with pride when her homeschooler conquers the dread of public speaking; a language arts series offers tips that include setting up a library and incorporating Shakespeare in homeschool lessons.

The Classical Scholar
Homeschool parents who lack classical training but want to provide the richest education find help on “The Classical Scholar”, where Diane emphasizes the significance of learning styles, advocates exploring the spectrum of learning approaches instead of being pigeonholed and explains why kids obsessed with rock make perfect classical education candidates.

Learning Curve
Joesette discovers that when homeschool kids march to different drummers, the result is a “Learning Curve” with a few swerves; balancing career and homeschool responsibilities, this mom finds time to fit in Nutcracker practice, frontier field trips, nut-gathering for orphaned squirrels and a photo-filled chronicle of a family’s homeschool journey.

Adventures in Homeschooling
Sarah’s “Adventures in Homeschooling” start with an education choice that fits this family on-the-move and also defines it, learning to let go when a son heads off to science camp, chronicling field trip fun and utilizing cake-making skills in crafty projects are examples of what this photo-filled blog contains.

Daze of Adventure
“Daze of Adventure” chronicles an eclectic homeschool journey that includes a photo tour of the sweetest field trip spot and an approach aimed at finding what works; Jenn shares strategies for surviving homeschool conventions, gluten-free recipes that kids dig and educational apps for almost every subject.

Teaching with TLC
An active member of the blogging community, author and former elementary teacher Tamara L. Chilver places her stamp – and her initials – on “Teaching with TLC”, offering a humorous look at the advantages of homeschooling, tools to conduct year-end assessments and tips for turning shopping trips into teachable moments.

Homegrown Learners
Elementary teacher turned homeschool practitioner and blogger intent on putting family first, Mary ponders the best way to serve as ambassador to the cause, gives credit to the great guy behind this homeschool mom and connects to the blogging community by sharing photo collages that capture a week’s worth of lively learning on “Homegrown Learners”.

Home School Home
The mom behind “Home School Home” searches for the perfect schedule, craves a break from busyness, and strives to balance career and homeschool; in a household that includes Freckles the dog, blogger ‘Fatcat’ puts outside time with mom on the daily itinerary and enlists her family in practicing random acts of kindness.

Books and Bairns
Seven kids comprise the homeschool bunch that inspires “Books and Bairns” by Mary Grace, who strives for the delicate balance a full life requires, seeks grace rather than judgment in the community of homeschoolers and finds a perfect symbol for humble love in the family’s 80s era sofa.

Homeschooling Unscripted
Not content to bend to any official version of how homeschooling should look, Gidget brings a fresh perspective to “Homeschooling Unscripted”; this perennial surfer girl finds lessons in a fast food football game and muses on becoming the parent of a teenager – and the determination to change the stigma attached to the word.

Homeschool Math Blog
Math teacher turned homeschooler and creator of Mammoth Math, Maria Miller offers tips and tools for parents and teachers whose students range from preschool to high school; modeling math in daily life, changing attitudes about a maligned subject and making math come alive are major goals of “Homeschool Math Blog”.

The liveliest place on the planet serves as the home base and extended classroom for homeschooler Angela, who opts for freedom over the tyranny of a curriculum set in stone and determines to stick with what clicks; tours of New York City’s Ellis Island, Central Park, the U.N. and the Met inspire concentrated research and provide plenty of photo opportunities on “Cityschooling”.

Throwing Marshmallows
Stephanie brings a unique point of view to “Throwing Marshmallows”, reflecting on losing the passion to serve as spokesman for the cause, media misperceptions that miss the mind-shift behind the movement, and the advantage of individualized learning that doesn’t come to a standstill just because the learner hits a bump in the road.

The Thinking Mother
The importance of networking to discover homeschool opportunities is driven home when a move uproots Christine; “The Thinking Mother” ponders giving her teen homeschooler needed space, resisting suggestions to let public school provide a break, and balancing the need to master core subjects with the desire to pursue alternative projects.

Notes from a Homeschooling Mom
Andrea Hermitt offers advice for teens arguing for homeschooling and advocates prioritizing rather than heaping too many activities on a homeschooler’s plate; “Notes from a Homeschooling Mom” includes links to informative articles by this blogger who finds homeschooling a perfect fit for siblings who learn at different paces.

Heart of the Matter
A collaborative blog co-founded by a pair of Amys and enriched by a crew of writers and guest contributors, “Heart of the Matter” brings together a variety of voices who share a singular passion as they reflect on appreciating the gift of homeschooling, catching kids learning when they think nobody’s looking and finding guides along the homeschool journey.

Radio Free School
Resisting mass-production methods in education by following passions instead of rigid curriculum is a belief broadcast on “Radio Free School”, where debate is welcome, the concept of open source learning is endorsed and accounts by graduates of the unschooling approach testify to its success.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
Stereotypes are smashed with a dash of humor on “Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers”, where Kris shares what’s happening with peers as host of Homeschool Showcase and Weekly Wrap-up, offers tips for attending curriculum fairs in a handy FAQ section and discovers the key to converting reluctant readers.

Our Busy Homeschool
Tailoring expectations while teaching to multiple learning styles is a skill inspired by necessity at “Our Busy Homeschool”, where Tristan balances flexibility with routine, prepares for a new baby and new challenges, incorporates lapbooks and workboxes alongside scripture study, and happily shares her family’s homeschool journey through blogging.

The Home Scholar
Lee Binz fills “The Home Scholar” with tips for parents homeschooling high-schoolers in preparation for college, including how to get high school credit for fun pursuits, deciding on the right college entrance exam, preparing an effective homeschool transcript and perfecting the art of writing a winning college essay.

Handmade Homeschool
Sarah infuses the energy of the DIY movement and the determined approach of mindful living into homeschooling her Canadian family on “Handmade Homeschool”, where she shares quotes that inspire follow-up questions, a clever reading strategy based on choices, and reflections on the need for patience in a practice that has a lot in common with gardening.

Eclectic Education
Lynn confronts the challenges of balancing work and school both based at home while tackling special learning needs and shares highlights of the week as a participant of the Homeschool Mother’s Journal on “Eclectic Education”, a blog that gives a glimpse into school days that are never ‘normal’ and shares tips such as extending the use of coloring pages.

Guilt-Free Homeschooling
Carolyn Morrison and Jennifer Leonhard are the mother-daughter team of workshop hosts, authors and bloggers behind “Guilt-Free Homeschooling”, a resource for novices and practicing homeschoolers looking for inspiration; find informative and insightful tips learned first-hand, including strategies for demystifying learning styles while centering lessons on the learner’s interests and how to give lessons a makeover and give homeschooling a test-drive.

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog
THSM is shorthand for the collaborative effort called “TheHomeSchoolMom Blog”, which offers help for finding free curriculum and other learning materials, tips for taking stock at back-to-school time, special advice for teaching the right-brain learner and a list of the three statements that drive homeschool moms crazy.

Fisher Academy International
FAITH is the acronym and the inspiration for “Fisher Academy International Teaching Home”, chronicle of the daily life and special challenges of a homeschooling family frequently uprooted by their missionary lifestyle; now based in Peru, Amy Tuttle includes plenty of nature study and current events in the school day, cognizant that the world is her children’s classroom.

Living Charlotte Mason in California
Homeschoolers who share a geographical and philosophical connection are “Living Charlotte Mason in California”; adopting an approach that emphasizes the value of nature and classic literature, these bloggers describe their motivation for choosing this particular educational muse and reflect on the difference that comes when children are owners of their education.

Sage Parnassus
Nancy Kelly focuses on being fully present and filling minds with noble ideas and classic literature as a Charlotte Mason practitioner; the Minnesota homeschool mom of six and blogger behind “Sage Parnassus” contemplates the rewards of keeping a commonplace book and calendar of firsts to record observations in everyday life.

Golden Acorn Homeschool
Acting out Shakespearean plays with popsicle-stick puppets and keeping a history scrapbook of centuries bring Charlotte Mason principles to a new generation at “Golden Acorn Homeschool”; blogger Becky offers advice for crafting a personalized learning plan and illustrates how deschooling rekindles curiosity as she looks forward to learning alongside her inquisitive home-learners.

Blue House Academy
Midwestern mom Kellie describes what it means to be an autism family and discovers that teens taught logic learn to poke holes in parental wisdom; tallying daily blessings and tackling a mountain of unsorted family photos provide insight into the author of “Blue House Academy” who shares candid photographic evidence of a back-to-school space that isn’t picture perfect.

Homeschool Mo
Maureen shares tips, resources and a sense of humor sharpened by almost two decades of homeschooling experience on “Homeschool Mo”, where this mom of five finds time to complete the Jane Austen challenge while making Montessori moments happen and offering ideas for firsthand learning on Preschool at Home posts.

Almost Unschoolers
Half a dozen kids and a decade of homeschooling make the Montana-based blogger of “Almost Unschoolers” an expert on handling a bout of homeschool panic, distilling science lessons in under a minute and finding surefire ways to banish boredom – including electrified playdough, pom-pom catapults and colander sewing crafts.

Our Worldwide Classroom
Australia is home to “Our Worldwide Classroom”, where Kylie channels Montessori to conduct Bambino Academy and shares tips for including the tiniest tykes in the school day; special sections include a host of holiday activities and enticing sensory tub themes gathered from the blogging community.

My Delicious Ambiguity
Canadian-transplant and former globe-hopping ESL teacher Jenn is the Australia-based blogger behind “My Delicious Ambiguity” who offers a practical primer for setting up Tot School and a heap of ideas for turning ordinary household items and a little imagination into engaging and educational DIY diversions.

Five J’s
Blogger Joy subscribes to the ‘teach a child to fish’ philosophy, decides against homeschooling in pajamas and doesn’t neglect practical life skills lessons like using a phone book; discover tips for picking a curriculum according to style and finding support to stay out of a homeschool rut on “Five J’s”.

Our Side of the Mountain
Maine’s flora and fauna inspire family nicknames on “Our Side of the Mountain”, where the arrival of seed catalogs inspires excited plans, portable work-binders provide on-the-go learning and the challenge of sensory processing disorder is just part of the winding homeschool journey.

The Homeschool Chick
Learning how to homeschool without guilt or a super-hero’s cape, conquering the green-eyed monster that haunts its practitioners and recognizing telltale signs you might be a homeschool mom are examples of the wit and wisdom shared by Sue, “The Homeschool Chick” from Arizona who believes professional development is just as important for those who choose this education route.

Special Needs Homeschooling
Tackling challenges with faith and grace, Heather Laurie brings firsthand experience and a unique perspective to “Special Needs Homeschooling”, where she addresses relevant legal issues, shares advice for parents struggling with their own special needs, and explains why homeschooling helps both struggling and gifted learners thrive.

Home is Where You Start From
An encounter with a truant officer illustrates the importance of knowing the law, while the local bookstore is a hub of activity for the homeschool family ‘plus one’ who discover “Home is Where You Start From” – and there is rarely a dull moment in the journey chronicled by blogger Jenn, who believes moms should do more wagging and less barking.

Teach Beside Me
Karyn and Mara share useful web resources, product and book reviews, plus plenty of projects that facilitate hands-on learning on “Teach Beside Me”; find tips for creating a marching band of hand-crafted instruments, art activities for budding Picassos and a trick for turning bar soap into a marvelous microwaved monster.

No Fighting, No Biting
On “No Fighting, No Biting”, Katherine borrows a favorite book title to chronicle a homeschool journey that begins with a serendipitous encounter and hopes to serve as a living example so others might have faith in taking a similar path; with six kids to homeschool, this dedicated blogger, mom and runner does a lot of taking stock and compares thrift store-shopping to gold-panning.

The Homeschool Apologist
Homeschool dad ‘Arby’ and work/school-at-home mom Linda advocate for an often misunderstood cause as the voices of “The Homeschool Apologist”, reporting from the homefront where the real battles are waged, finding fodder in frequent public school debacles and combining humor with passionate rants in defense of the recently-won right to pursue an educational approach removed from a less than ideal ‘real world’.

Interest-Led Learning
The arrival of twins turned disillusioned teacher Christina Pilkington into a happy homeschool mom who invites readers to take the plunge into “Interest-Led Learning”, where geocaching is part of P.E., Mad-Libs help teach literature, learning awaits around every corner and curiosity is always valued.

Little Homeschool on the Prairie
Sick days aren’t a reason to miss out on learning and a student body comprised of two girls offers plenty of diversity in terms of interests and learning styles at “Little Homeschool on the Prairie”, where Laura Ingalls Wilder fan Jennifer enjoys small town life at a slightly slower pace and continually strives for simplicity.

All Thing Beautiful
Firsthand learning brings lessons to life in a homeschool where special needs aren’t barriers, CSI skills help solve an artful mystery, hard-boiled eggs illustrate the mechanics of earthquakes and a postcard album of the 50 states delivers a cross-country lesson; homeschool mom Phyllis also provides a special insight into autism on “All Things Beautiful”.

Homeschool Girls
As half of a mother/daughter dynamic duo determined not to miss a moment or a milestone, single mom Karen narrates a homeschool experience sprinkled with inspiring quotes, illustrated by precious pictures and filled with friends and family, Renaissance Faires, Space Camp adventures and the joy of learning shared each day.

Journey to Excellence
Attorney turned homeschool mom Nicole discovers that the “Journey to Excellence” involves different learning paths and paces for her family, while ‘reading & doing’ through hands-on activities and a rich itinerary of field trips brings lessons to life in ways worksheets can’t and schedules are always a work in progress.

Homeschooling 911
Anne Galivan brings more than two decades of experience and an attitude of perseverance to “Homeschooling 911”, offering an overview of approaches from unschooling to traditional and helpful how-tos on core subjects, debunking popular myths and reviewing curriculum options on a blog that serves as a primer for anyone interested in this educational path.

See Jamie Blog
Facing a teen’s desire to attend public school and making a personal resolution to go a year without buying new clothes are examples of posts on “See Jamie Blog”, a window into the world of a blended, adoptive family by a homeschool mom with an abiding faith, a fondness for retro and a photography talent that illustrates each story.

Home School Dad
Dave is the “Home School Dad”, White Sox fan and movie buff whose sense of humor shows in creative nicknames and occasional rants; wife Amy adds her voice as a guest contributor to this lively blog filled with ideas for budget-friendly family fun, reports on Lego robotics action and a fresh perspective from the homeschool front.

Home Spun Juggling
New author Cristina chronicles her family’s homeschool journey with comic strips that encapsulate been-there moments on “Home Spun Juggling”, where a holiday health scare serves as a reminder to avoid overdoing it, observing animals provides insight into human nature and a reflection on female superheroes leaves this blogger wondering why Wonder Woman wasn’t a mom.

Our Jewish Homeschool Blog
Incorporating traditions into everyday lessons is the theme of “Our Jewish Homeschool Blog”, where ‘Mommzy’ offers plenty of printables and activities that include Yom Kippur slippers, Hebrew alphabet templates, Dreidel prints and Purim puppets; an interview with homeschooling peer and TV personality Mayim Bialik is a recent highlight.

Handbook of Nature Study
E-book author and host of the weekly Outdoor Hour Challenge, Barb promotes appreciation of the natural world and a lifelong sense of wonder on “Handbook of Nature Study”, which includes tips for nature journaling and capturing successful photos along with a series of seasonal activities focused on turning kids into dedicated observers of weather and wildlife.

Passport Academy
Find tips for packing and travel when homeschool hits the road for field trips and a week in an RV on “Passport Academy”, where ‘Teacher Mom’ converts a skeptical husband into a homeschool believer, grows from uncertainty to strength, and discovers the dual reward of seeing kids learn while refueling a personal passion for learning.

Sunflower Schoolhouse
Canadian mom and active blogosphere participant Honey shares a geography study unit that takes learners across the provinces along with a series of top ten lists including favorite special needs books, budget-friendly meal planning for big families and tips for using iPad as a homeschool tool on “Sunflower Schoolhouse”.

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds
Striving to provide the tools to help kids realize their dreams, learning in every moment without taking the joy out of discovery and reassuring other moms that they have company on this journey are some of the goals reflected on “Homeschooling Hearts & Minds” by Susan, who also helps build community as a host of the 2012 Virtual Curriculum Fair.

The Joys of Home Educating
Answering an inner call to provide learning with hugs, flexibility and family time instead of labels, sick days and peer pressure, Melissa chronicles “The Joys of Home Educating” which include a sudsy lesson in giving, living with a LEGO-maniac and celebrating special occasions with delightfully inspired party themes.

The Learning Hypothesis
Making a maligned academic subject more user-friendly with an approach that emphasizes engagement and exploration is the goal of “The Learning Hypothesis”; skeletal structures rendered in pasta and chemical reactions exhibited by invisible ink are examples of activities shared by a science professor faced with striking a balance between public school and homeschooling.

Adventures in Mommydom
Advocate of individualized learning instead of the mob approach, mom Ticia applies the three-part classical method along with tricks and tips learned in the trenches, like using colored tape on a table to create no-trespassing zones and finding toys that provide the best value by extending learning.

Discover Their Gifts
Toothpicks and marshmallows create Eiffel tower replicas and a walk-in closet becomes a cozy study nook for homeschoolers happily nestled in the country; Monica shares favorite resources on “Discover Their Gifts”, including a curriculum that grows along with students, solves the problem of lesson-planning and is ideally suited for co-ops.

The Homeschool Den
Natural disaster models deliver a big impact on a small scale, liquid fireworks trail colorful tails, homemade Oreos demonstrate lunar phases and a mammoth Trash-osaurus comes to life at “The Homeschool Den”, the chronicle of a homeschool family who recently ended a 12-year odyssey in the Aussie outback.

What Did We Do All Day?
“What Did We Do All Day?” answers the eternal question faced by homeschoolers and serves as both family chronicle and go-to source for everything Montessori-related; blogger ‘My Boys’ Teacher’ strives to find a balance between private and public domains – and between a child-directed approach and a personality that prefers control.

One Hook Wonder
As the voice of “One Hook Wonder” whose passion for learning in living shines through each photo and post, Nicole invites the homeschool community to spread compassion by participating in 12 Months of Giving and struggles with finding the right educational fit when a chosen method no longer provides a return on the investment.

An Unschooling Life
A homeschooling approach that is often the source of debate and misunderstanding is the focus of “An Unschooling Life”; mom of an adoptive multiracial family, Joanne shares the latest news on unschooling along with strategies for responding to the criticism that comes with this choice and ‘deprogramming’ for conventionally educated parents.

ABC and 123
“ABC and 123” creators Katie & Katie welcome ideas from all who share a passion for teaching, harnessing the energy of the blog community with Show and Tell link-ups; featured writers contribute to this resource that covers the gamut, from indoor PE activities when the weather won’t cooperate to creative ways to preserve vacation memories.

Our Mothership Adventures
Homeschooling with a curriculum geared to independent learning fits the mobile lifestyle of a family that includes decidedly different quads and an adopted daughter; first-mate Sennie and the Captain prove that this educational approach works for almost any situation as they take their crew on the road in a 20-year-old Airstream, the title craft of “Our Mothership Adventures”.

Busy Hands Busy Minds
Anita brings nearly a quarter century of homeschool experience and an appreciation of an approach that allows room for life lessons to “Busy Hands Busy Minds”, where this mom of seven reflects on bravely showing one’s flaws while trying to present the best model and shares thrifty tips ranging from creating clever costumes to choosing a curriculum.

Homeschool Circus
As ringleader of “Homeschool Circus”, Lisa shares tips for getting off to a good start each morning, banning distractions by practicing ‘Amish Hour’ and conquering the ‘comparisonitis’ that plagues homeschool bloggers; reviews and weekly wrap-ups provide plenty of inspiration, activities and insights.

The Fantastic Five
Inspired by a favorite superhero and trained in the public school trenches, ‘Wonder Mom’ harnesses special homeschool mom powers as head of “The Fantastic Five”; crafty fun, birthday party themes and weekly wrap-ups filled with engaging activities are all illustrated by cute and candid photos that make homeschooling look irresistible.

Crafty Homeschool
A mom with a talent for organization, an affinity for hands-on lessons and an ambition to be actively involved instead of alienated from her children’s education chronicles a journey launched by a learning challenge on “Crafty Homeschool”, where refrigerator cleaning erupts into a lesson in grocery shopping and an appliance carton provides the framework for a 3D menagerie.

Homeschool Musings
April charts progress and offers a glimpse into school centered around a dining table on “Homeschool Musings”, where adaptation skills are tested by schooling on-the-go, busy schedules make homeschool a bit of a misnomer and the biggest learning curve sometimes belongs to the teacher.

The Adventures of Bear
Repurposing turns the contents of a kitchen cupboard into artist tools and the experience of painting a ‘Sistine table’ upside-down in the manner of Michelangelo exemplifies the Montessori-inspired learning captured on “The Adventures of Bear”, a chronicle that also includes the exploits of Bear’s little brother.

Discovery Days and Montessori Moments
An educational approach that doesn’t stop at the front door and offers the chance to witness when lessons click inspires “Discovery Days and Montessori Moments”, where Stephanie shares photos that capture Montessori methods and materials in practice and offers her own idea for creating continent boxes to explore each corner of the globe.

Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom
Passing along skills that many homeschool parents seek is the impetus for “Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom”, where Bethany offers tips for simplifying record-keeping, devising and implementing a master plan with an eye to the big picture, and creating a Mom Binder for homeschool management.

More Great Homeschool Blogs to Check Out
Homeschooling on Hudson
Field trip tours and local scenery that provides frugal learning opportunities are captured in photos that make “Homeschooling on Hudson” like a New York postcard; homeschool for blogger Chele means finding firsthand civics lessons at Occupy Wall Street, resurrecting famous figures at NYCHEA history fair and exercising writing chops with a trip to Poets House.

Four Little Penguins
Preparing workboxes, taking turns, planning group lessons and being a skilled juggler are the keys to homeschooling the brood of “Four Little Penguins”; as narrator of one family’s ‘sweet and crazy life as homeschoolers’, Laura captures moments of kids caught up in learning while wishing she could freeze this perfect stage between diapers and adolescent disinterest.

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
Two kids plus three dogs equals a full house for “Enchanted Homeschooling Mom”, who resolves to incorporate more P.E., leisure reading and field trips into the new school year; Jill borrows a bit of Disney magic for her blog title and enlists the help of the Berenstain Bears when creating a curriculum, which she gladly shares.

Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool
Back-to-school means back-to-work instead of a break for Tere, who heads “Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool” and cites socialization as a benefit rather than a deficit of this approach; get acquainted with featured homeschool entrepreneurs in this blog’s directory and discover how one mom hopes to nurture the next Einstein.

Mama Jenn
“Mama Jenn” faces the fear of starting a new school year and the challenge of teaching multiple ages at once with a brood that includes two sets of twins; this one-time college basketball player, math teacher and perfectionist practices accountability by charting monthly Mama’s Missions while striving to stay in the moment and keep blogging in perspective.

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