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An ESL degree can be put to use in many career positions, such as teaching in a high school or university, teaching overseas, or tutoring students one-on-one. Teaching English as a second language has become a career that is in high demand. It is helpful to have some experience in teaching or assisting others in learning English, but it is not required to pursue an ESL degree. In many cases, the best way to pursue ESL jobs is to get a degree from an accredited school prior to searching for a placement opportunity. Many ESL programs are available to choose from, including online ESL degree programs.

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How to Become an ESL Teacher

ESL degree programs include classes in subjects dealing with the history of the English language, the way that the language has changed and is still changing, and strategies on how to teach the language to people whose first language is not English. Other ESL degree coursework includes teaching reading and comprehension skills, and operating within diverse cultures. ESL programs also instruct students on how to integrate teaching English with other subjects, such as science, mathematics, and history. It is necessary for ESL degree students to be able to develop their own curriculum, and they should expect to take classes on how to go about doing so. Earning an online ESL degree is another way to gain the experience needed to teach English as a second language. Online ESL degree programs provide a great deal of flexibility to those students who may want to study at home, from the comfort of a computer keyboard.

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ESL Degrees & Certification

Whether they graduate with ESL degrees from traditional universities or an online schools, ESL degree holders can qualify for many types of jobs. For someone who wants to travel the world, there are ESL jobs in a variety of countries that range from full-time, permanent positions to temporary opportunities that can keep the instructor constantly on the move. If an ESL instructor wants to stay in their home country and teach, there are ESL jobs and opportunities at many local universities or high schools. Because there has been an influx of foreign students, there is a significant need for ESL teachers.

ESL Degrees and Programs

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  • California Teachers of English Learners Certificate
  • MA in Education/Curriculum and Instruction
  • MA in Education/Adult Education and Training
Locations: Sacramento


  • Master of Education: English as a Second Language (ESL)


    Locations: Romeoville


    • Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL)


    • English Second Language - Master of Education
    • English Second Language - PhD in Education
    • English Second Language - EdS
    • And more...

    Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an ESL Teacher

    Question: What do I need to teach English abroad?

    Answer:Requirements for teaching English abroad depend on the school hiring. Generally, they look for someone with a university degree, although it is not always necessary. Some employers like to see that you have TEFL or TESOL certification. You should also have some teaching experience and some knowledge of the language spoken in the country in which you hope to work.