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A bachelor’s of education degree from any accredited university gives a graduate the ability to apply for a teaching certificate in the state in which the university has entitled them. Each candidate will need to have a love of children, a passion for teaching, and the basic skills to complete coursework and take state testing for certification, which is usually a series of tests.

How to Become an Educator

A student will need to choose a major, for example, elementary education. To be accepted into most education programs, the student will need to demonstrate an acceptable GPA in general education classes and pass a state test that measures basic skills. Admission to the program usually takes place in the junior, or third, year of college, giving the student time to complete all the required general education courses. Once accepted into the program, the teacher candidate will then take coursework centered on how to teach in specific content areas. These courses are usually called methods classes. Elementary education candidates will have to choose an area of concentration, which requires approximately 18 hours in a content area like English coursework, while secondary education majors will choose a content area and complete the necessary amount of credit hours, which is usually 32 hours. A predetermined number of observation and student teaching hours is assigned by the university, and upon completion of all degree requirements and student teaching, the candidate will be entitled in the appropriate state, making them eligible for application for a teaching certificate.

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General Education Degrees and Certification

Once a graduate has earned the degree, he will be eligible for a teaching certificate in the area chosen. For example, a B.S. Ed, Bachelor of Science in Education, Elementary Education, will enable the teacher to teach grades K-6 in most states. Further endorsements, such as middle school endorsements, are eligible based on course work. These endorsements dictate what a teacher is eligible to teach. Additionally, the state test scores will certify that a teacher is NCLB qualified to teach subject areas. Along with traditional teaching jobs, the graduate can expect to find careers in other educational roles, such as in the non-profit sector.

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An associate degree in general education is a good first step towards a career in education. In most cases, those who earn an associate degree in general teaching must also earn a bachelor’s degree to land a teaching job. However, there are several education jobs available to those who possess an associate’s degree, such as classroom assistant, teaching aide, substitute teacher, school library technician, or childcare specialist. In order to have a career as a classroom teacher, one must go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in education or teaching. The bachelor’s degree can be either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) depending on the institution. Earning the bachelor’s degree will require, on average, 60 more hours (about two more years for the average full-time student) of commitment. Those who already have a B.A. or B.S. in another subject area may work in education by earning a one year Master of Arts in Teaching.

Those who graduate with a master’s degree in education are eligible for jobs and careers in the educational industry, whether at a public school, private school, or other educational position. Upon graduation, the graduate with initial certification can seek a job in their particular concentration area. For example, an elementary education major can pursue elementary school jobs and a secondary education major can apply for high school jobs. Administration degrees enable the graduate to work as a principal or other administrator, and teacher leadership degrees help the graduate earn higher pay.

General Education Degrees and Programs

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  • B.S. in Education / Elementary Education
  • A.A. in Education


  • Bachelor of Science: Early Childhood Development
  • Associate of Applied Science: Early Childhood Development
Locations: Hagerstown


  • AA in Education (Non-Licensure)
  • CERT: Preschool


  • Associate of Science in Christian Ministries