Teaching Jobs

In K-12 teaching, the majority of jobs are in the public school systems, where state certification or licensure is typically required. Even in settings where it is not required, having a teaching certificate can be a valuable asset that can make applicants more competitive for open positions. In addition to teaching jobs in public and private K-12 schools, teachers can pursue careers in administration, higher education, public and private training, and alternative academic (also known as “alt ac”) settings, such as GED and adult and continuing education. Understanding the skills, training, education, and experience that employers are looking for can help you prepare for your desired career. The common steps to a teaching career are:

  1. Complete an education degree that includes a teacher preparation component.
  2. Obtain state licensure as a teacher or administrator.
  3. Join professional associations that are active in your state, region, and career field to network, pursue continuing education, and find open opportunities. You can find links to associations for in-demand fields on our teaching career pages.
  4. Prepare your resume and launch your job search.

Competitive applicants tend to be specific about their desired careers, allowing them to build a targeted resume and job search. When you’re ready to start the job search, be sure to utilize the professional network you developed in school and internship settings, including any educators and administrators you know personally or professionally.

Some resource recommendations to broaden your teaching job search include:

To help you find even more job openings for educators and administrators, our teaching jobs board is updated daily with the latest teacher job openings across the US and internationally. You can also use this board to research the job market in your area to find who is hiring and what employers are looking for.

For best results, use the What and Where fields to enter keywords describing the job title you are seeking and the city and state where you want to work. Some examples of popular teaching careers include:

  • Curriculum and instruction specialist
  • Elementary school teacher
  • English teacher
  • Foreign language teacher
  • High school teacher
  • Instructional technology specialist
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Physical education teacher
  • Preschool teacher
  • School librarian

Visit our Teaching Career Center for a comprehensive list of teaching and education careers, and check back often to find new openings in your area that match your interests and qualifications. Note, the job board requires your web browser to allow JavaScript.

Teacher Certification Requirements by State