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A bachelor’s degree in secondary education prepares a teacher to work in middle schools and high schools. The degree can be obtained by education professionals such as teachers or principals. Those who pursue a secondary education degree will often focus on a particular subject, such as math or English. Most secondary education degree programs even offer the ability to receive teaching credentials, which most people need to get a job in education. Additionally, all 50 states and the District of Columbia require public school teachers to be licensed. There are also many options for those who wish to study for a secondary education degree online. Online degrees in education provide the student with a quality education, while allowing a great deal of flexibility as to how and when to study.

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How to Become a Secondary Educator

Prospective high school teachers most often major in the particular subject in which they wish to teach. Additionally, they are faced with taking a prescribed teacher preparation course. Many four-year colleges and universities require students to wait until their sophomore year before applying to teacher programs. There is also an application for admission for the programs that vary by institution. Other secondary education schools now include computer classes as part of their programs, as well as several other technologies. Most include a student-teaching internship, where students of the bachelor program have a chance to work under experienced educators who act as mentors as well as teachers. They also have the opportunity to see how the school works, get reviews on their teaching skills, learn how to discipline students, and get a general feel for the school atmosphere. Education programs for the bachelor degree are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education as well as the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, but it is not needed to become a teacher and may make the licensing process easier.

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Secondary Education Degrees & Certification

There are many careers that one can acquire with a bachelor degree in secondary education, whether that degree comes from a traditional university or online school. This includes but is not limited to teachers, counselors, principals and administrators. An individual with a secondary education degree can find work in a public or private school at the middle school, junior high, or high school level.

Once a degree is obtained, graduates will qualify for high school jobs in the state in which they are certified. For example, those who major in secondary education with English as their content area can expect to receive secondary education jobs teaching high school English, literature, speech, or writing. A middle school endorsement will qualify a graduate to teach grades 5-8, in addition to high school jobs. Additional endorsements are possible in areas such as coaching and driver’s education, which make the graduate more marketable to prospective employers.

Students graduating with a master’s degree in secondary education degree can pursue a career as a teacher in secondary schools. These candidates will have completed a bachelor’s degree, which does not necessarily have to be in an educational field. Those who pursue a master’s degree in secondary education should possess a love of learning, a passion for teaching, and the subject matter knowledge required to teach at the high school level.

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Secondary Education Degrees and Programs

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  • M.A. in Education/Secondary Teacher Education
  • Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum and Instruction
  • A.A. in Education
  • And more...


  • MA in Teaching (for Aspiring Teachers Grades 5-12)
  • MS in Education (for Existing Teachers Grades K-12)
  • MS in Education - Educational Psychology
  • And more...


  • MA in Teaching: Advanced Studies in Secondary Education- National Board Preparation
  • Master of Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education


  • M.Ed Teaching and Learning-Middle Grades
  • MA in Teaching - Secondary Education
  • MA Teaching: Middle Grades
  • And more...


  • MA in Teaching with Secondary Education Emphasis
  • Ed Spec Credential (Mild/Mod and Mod/Severe level 2)
  • Credential (Educ Specialist Moderate/Severe level 2)
  • And more...
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