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A teacher’s aide degree prepares a graduate to play a key role in the classroom. A teacher’s aide assists a classroom instructor in day-to-day tasks such as assisting students with assignments, organizing the classroom, taking attendance, and administering exams.

How to Become a Teacher’s Aide

An associate degree is necessary to become a teacher’s aide. Generally, it doesn’t matter whether one earns an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree; both degrees will prepare the student for a job as a teacher’s aide. Most teacher’s aide programs require a student to take general education classes such as liberal arts, math, English composition, and a basic science class, among others. Next, a student will take general education electives such as general psychology, introduction to philosophy, and contemporary poetry. On average, this will take about a year. In the second year of most teacher’s aide programs, the student will take core classes that specifically address education. Such core classes usually include courses such as classroom management, leadership in education, and theory of education. Sometimes, a student may opt to complete an internship in a classroom. It’s important to note that there are also many online teacher’s aide programs that offer a valuable education with great flexibility. Online teacher’s aide degrees can qualify a graduate for the same jobs as traditional schools, but give a student the benefit of selecting when, where and how they will complete their respective programs.

Teacher’s Aide Degrees and Certification

The associate degree is earned after 60 credit hours of qualified classwork. In general, this takes about two years for most full-time students to earn, and three to four years for most part-time students. After earning an associate degree, the graduate may pursue such jobs as teacher’s aide, classroom assistant, or school library assistant. Those with an associate degree in teacher’s aide may go on to find jobs in public schools, private schools, daycare centers, nurseries, before-school programs, after-school programs, or child-centered businesses. The A.S. (Associate of Science) degree is a terminal degree, meaning it cannot be used as a stepping stone to obtain further degrees. The A.A. (Associate of Arts) degree may be used as a stepping stone towards earning a bachelor’s degree in general education or other forms of education, which will require another 60 credit hour commitment. If one does not plan to earn a bachelor’s degree, either the A.A. or A.S. will suffice. These degrees are available from traditional, brick-and-mortar schools and universities, or through online teacher’s aide programs.

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