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Online Early Childhood Education Degree Programs Resource

Earning an early childhood education degree will prepare you for a rewarding career teaching young children, ranging in age from birth to eight or nine years old, which is traditionally about 3rd grade. Early childhood educators play a critical role in their students’ lives; they lay the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. They may also be expected to identify and instruct children with special needs, learning disabilities or developmental delays. The ideal candidate for an early childhood education job will be service oriented, with good communication and active listening skills. The job requires dependability, integrity and adaptability. Many schools offer an early childhood education degree online, which allow a student to study on their own time and at their own pace, often while maintaining regular employment.

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How to Become an Early Childhood Teacher

Each state requires early childhood educators to have a bachelor’s degree and certification from a traditional or alternative teacher preparation program, and certification requirements vary from state to state. Some new teachers receive support from a mentoring program during their first year on the job.

Teacher Quote: “You should only choose education as your career if you are willing to put your whole self into it; don’t do it if you are just halfway in. You will have a classroom full of children depending on you to teach and care for them. For some, you will be all they have. You must be willing to go the extra mile for them and you must love what you do in order to make that happen.” -April Larremore, Texas Kindergarten Teacher

Early Education Degree Curriculum

Coursework for a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education may include classes in language and literacy, child growth and development, equity and cultural diversity, curriculum design and theories in instruction. Most early childhood education programs will also require some student teaching. The schools featured on Teaching Certification Degrees are all accredited.

Typical classes in a early education degree program may include:

  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • Language Development in Early Childhood
  • Beginning Literacy
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education
  • Language Arts and Reading for Early Childhood
  • Science for Young Children
  • Child Health and Safety
  • Student Teaching and Professional Practicum

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Early Childhood Education Degrees and Certification

Completing an early childhood education degree program will qualify you to seek a number of positions in both public and private schools. Daycare centers, preschools or kindergartens are the most common places of employment for those with a degree in early childhood education. Salary ranges widely, depending upon what kind of setting an educator works in. The median annual wage for preschool teachers is $23,870, while daycare workers earn a median salary of $33,300. The median annual salary for kindergarten teachers is $50,380.

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

A bachelor’s degree in early childhood education prepares an instructor to teach small children, including infants and small children up to the third grade. They help children develop social, personal and academic skills to properly prepare them for upper levels of education. These teachers must prepare children for higher educational standards which are constantly changing and improving. These teachers are not only educators, but are also caregivers who care for small children in their parents’ absence and must have a natural affection for working with children. Self-motivation, creativity, patience, a love of teaching and the ability to demonstrate cooperation are attributes that complement this career. Teachers learn how to create a safe, educational and caring environment where children are able to maximize potential and achieve or surpass learning milestones and set goals.

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Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Students graduating with a master’s degree in early childhood education are prepared to work as a teacher in elementary school settings, teaching Pre-K through third grade. These candidates will have completed a bachelor’s degree, which does not necessarily have to be in an educational field; however, many universities only offer early childhood education degree programs to graduate students who are certified to teach in either elementary or secondary school. Many online degree programs offer master’s degrees in early childhood education. An early childhood education career requires a love of learning, a passion for teaching and children, patience to work with small children, and the subject matter knowledge required to complete the coursework and teach at the Pre-K-3 level.

Early Childhood Education Degree Online

Students can also pursue an online degree in early childhood education. An online early childhood education degree program can offer additional flexibility of time and place for individuals who prefer this option. Online education continues to improve with innovations like live streaming virtual classrooms with video conferencing and use of interactive social technologies that allow collaboration and discussion with classmates.

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Early Childhood Development Degrees and Programs

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  • M.S. in Early Childhood Studies - Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field
  • Ed.S. in Early Childhood - General Program
  • M.S. in Early Childhood Studies - Early Childhood Public Policy and Advocacy
  • And more...


  • M.Ed. - Program Specialist in Early Childhood Specialist
  • M.Ed. Teaching and Learning - Elementary Education
  • MA in Teaching - Elementary Education
  • And more...


  • Early Childhood Education - Master of Education
  • Early Childhood Education - EdS
  • Early Childhood Education - PhD in Education
  • And more...


  • B.S. in Early Childhood
  • B.S. in Elementary Education: English
  • B.S. in Elementary Education: Math (Leads to initial teacher licensure)
  • And more...


  • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Curriculum & Instruction: Early Childhood Education
  • M.Ed: Special Education (Elementary)
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Teacher Leadership
  • And more...

Early Childhood Education Program Student Reviews

Student Review: “The Teacher Education Program at Auburn University gave me a wonderful and very rewarding college experience. All of the classes leading up to being accepted in the program taught me so much about the teaching field and the classes taken after being accepted into the Early Childhood Education program gave me a plethora of classroom experience. I enjoyed being in a Cohort. This Cohort gave me the opportunity to go through my college experience with other students my age who had the same career goals as I did. Auburn University will not allow a student to graduate from the College of Education unless they have a certain number of hours in a public school classroom setting. I believe this is a great policy because I learned more from my student teaching than I did from my university classes. The supervisors were always helpful to me and my fellow students. Overall, Auburn University has made me very confident in my abilities to succeed as a classroom teacher. The only thing that could have been better was the communication between my adviser and myself. Sometimes there would be confusion and often the adviser would not clear the confusion.” -Jessica W., Early Childhood Education student at Auburn University