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An associate degree in general education (AA) provides the skills and knowledge to advance in the education field and is a good first step towards a career in teaching. Those who earn an associate degree in education from accredited schools must also earn a bachelor’s degree in education to be hired as a full-time teacher. You can not acquire a teaching license or certification with an associate degree alone. An associate degree program in education can also include specialization in a specific area of teaching such as early childhood education.

Reasons for Earning an Associate Degree in Education

An AA in Education can be a good starting point for someone who is interested in teaching but doesn’t want to commit to a four-year degree or wants to save money. It can also be a relatively low commitment way to explore whether becoming a teacher is right for you. Associate degrees are less expensive and many of the course credits can typically be transferred to a bachelor’s program in an area outside of education, providing students with the option to switch their area of focus or continue into a traditional 4-year teacher preparation program or seek employment as a teacher assistant.

Career Opportunities for Individuals With an AA in Education

teacher assistantThere are several education jobs available to those who possess an associate in education, such as teacher assistant, teaching aide, substitute teacher, school library technician, or childcare specialist. Since Federal law requires that teacher aides have college training, two-year associate degree programs in education may be a good option for those seeking an education career in a timely manner.

Associate in Education Degree Requirements and Coursework

Associate in education program typically require a minimum of a high school diploma. A minimum grade point average may be required to graduate from the program. To become an effective teacher requires patience, a strong work ethic, and a passion for helping young people to be successful.

Courses in an associate degree program that specializes in education typically involve a combination of core liberal arts and science classes and introductory courses on education topics. Some degree programs also include an internship component where students can test what they learn in a classroom setting.

Examples of courses in an associate degree program include:

  • Introduction to Child Development
  • Intro to Early Childhood Education
  • Intro to Elementary Education
  • Child Psychology
  • Basics of Curriculum
  • Basics of Assessment
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Supervised Field Experience

Online Associate Degree in Education

Online associate degrees in education may also be worth considering, since these programs often provide the student great flexibility. An online education degree can be completed on a student’s own timeline, which often allows the student to maintain regular employment. For those who are interested in how to become a teacher, it is important to note that in most cases, one must go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in education.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Earning an Associate Degree in Education

Question: Can I become a teacher with only an associate degree?

Answer: All states require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to obtain a teaching license or certification and some states require a master’s degree within a certain timeframe.

Question: What are the skills required to be a teacher?

Answer: Teachers need a variety of skills, many of which are taught in teacher preparation programs. Teachers must be able to communicate effectively and to work well with a variety of types of people. Teachers need to be calm and patient and good at working collaboratively. Teachers also must have good presentation skills and basic technology skills.

Question: How do I get a teaching degree online?

Answer: There are several schools that offer online education degrees. A quick search online will turn up many options. Once you have a few options, contact the schools to find out how to apply, tuition costs, and other important information. Choose a school, apply for admission, and work towards your education degree.

Question: How do I become a teacher without a teaching degree?

Answer: There are several alternative pathways to become a teacher. Some are available at the state level, such as the New York City Teaching Fellows, while others are national like Teach for America. Most of these programs require that participants have a college degree, but it does not need to be in education.