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Physical Education Teacher Job Description & Career Outlook

A physical education teacher instructs students about sports, physical development, health and proper nutrition. A PE teacher has a basic knowledge of both sports and health sciences. Physical education teachers show students not only how to play various sports, but also how physical activity benefits the muscles and overall health.

Physical Education Teacher Requirements And Common Tasks

Physical education teacher jobs require that instructors be physically fit and active as they will be on the go all day. They work indoors and outdoors, teaching students how to play various sports and how to exercise. They are responsible for organizing activities and curriculum. PE teachers should have knowledge about many sports and basic health and nutrition. A solid background in sports and communication skills is a definite plus.

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How to become a physical education teacher includes obtaining a four-year bachelor degree in physical education and athletic training. Some of the degrees that prepare a person for this career include a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, a Master of Healthcare Administration and a Master of Public Health. Courses available to persons wanting to become a PE teacher include Theories in Physical Education, Theories in Sport Pedagogy, Team and Individual Sports, Basic Methods of Teaching, Human Development and Teaching Physical Education to the Physically Impaired Child.

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Physical Education Teacher Salary And Job Outlook

A PE teacher’s salary is similar to other teacher salaries, ranging from about $33,000 to $51,000 per year. The exact salary varies depending on many factors such as the level of the school (such as elementary, middle, high school or college), the school where the teacher will be working, the city or town that the school is in and the teacher’s experience.

There is always a great demand for suitable physical education teachers who have exceptional ability in physical education and knowledge in health and nutrition. The goal of a physical education teacher is to promote physical fitness and to teach students the value of proper health and eating habits. Good PE teachers are role models for their students, and as such, should demonstrate all the attributes of good health and fitness. Physical education teachers inspire their students to live healthy, active lives.

Physical Education and Health Teaching Degrees and Programs

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  • MEd - Corporate Wellness


  • Master of Science in Health Education
  • Bachelor of Science: Nutrition Science
Locations: Hagerstown


  • MS in Sport Management - Tourism :Thesis
  • MS in Sport Management - Tourism : Non-Thesis


  • Nutrition, Diet and Health