Rhode Island Alternative Teacher Certification

In an effort to staff schools in need of expert and qualified professionals, as well as in an effort to staff subject areas that may be understaffed, Rhode Island created a path to alternative teacher certification.

Alternative Route to Certification Programs

Taking part in one of the programs means that individuals are responsible for teaching the content within the classrooms and for issuing grades to their students (teachers of record) while they participate in programs that will gain them a state teaching license.

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Eligibility Requirements for Alternative Certification

To be eligible for consideration for one of these programs, the applicant must already hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning and should have earned no less than a “B” average (or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale) while studying as an undergraduate. For those wishing to teach middle school or high school, the degree should be in the content area (or close to the content area) for which the license is being sought. If this is not the case, the applicant must prove his/her knowledge of that content area. Prior to becoming a teacher of record in the alternative program, the applicant must complete a five-week course that introduces educational pedagogy, classroom management techniques, and laws that govern education. The applicant must serve in this teacher of record status for a year and must be mentored during this time. Eligibility for a state teacher’s license occurs after the successful completion of a year as teacher of record and after successfully passing the state testing requirements.

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Additional Information on a Rhode Island Alternative Teacher Certification

Educator Certification Procedures Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
RI Standards for Alternative Certification Programs (PDF) Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Schools with Programs for Alternate Certification in Rhode Island

Because the alternative certification process is complex, we have researched and provided specific school programs below for individuals who have a bachelors degree outside of education and want to become a teacher. We recommend you: Request information from one or more of these specific programs.

(Other master’s programs not listed below are intended for teachers who are trying to get deeper into their profession.)

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