Nevada Alternative Teacher Certification

Nevada offers options for a Nevada alternative teacher certification for individuals who do not attend a traditional teacher preparation program.

Three-Year Alternative License

A three-year alternative license is available for those who have a bachelor’s degree but have not completed a full teacher education program. This type of license is valid while the holder completes unfulfilled requirements for full certification.

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Transferring Teacher Certification from Another State

Like many states, Nevada offers reciprocal licenses to teachers who hold certifications in other states as an alternative method of becoming certified in Nevada. The state has signed the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification Interstate Agreement, but reciprocity is not offered for all states. Recent teaching experience is necessary. Those who received a nontraditional certificate through an alternative means in another state may not be eligible for reciprocity.

Nevada School District Requirements

How to Become a Teacher in Las Vegas

Additional Information on a Nevada Alternative Teacher Certification

Teacher Licensure Nevada Department of Education

Schools with Programs for Alternate Certification in Nevada

Because the alternative certification process is complex, we have researched and provided specific school programs below for individuals who have a bachelors degree outside of education and want to become a teacher. We recommend you: Request information from one or more of these specific programs

(Other master’s programs not listed below are intended for teachers who are trying to get deeper into their profession.)

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