Hawaii Alternative Teacher Certification

There are several routes to alternative certification in the state of Hawaii.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification

Teachers who hold a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certificate are eligible for Hawaii teaching certification.

Trade Professionals with Experience

Trade professionals with at least three years of experience in their field may be eligible to receive a Career and Technical Education Limited Duty Special Permit (CTE Permit) to teach the trade in Hawaii public schools for a one-year period; this permit can be renewed for a period of five years.

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Ni”ihau Teachers

Ni’’ihau teachers may also be eligible for a permit to teach in Hawaii provided they work towards licensure during the one-year period that the permit allows.

Transferring Teacher Certification from Another State

Out-of-state applicants may receive a Hawaii standard teaching certificate provided that they have either completed a state-approved teacher preparation program or have at least three years of teaching experience and submit verification of a license and test scores to the Hawaii Department of Education.

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Teachers from Another Country

Candidates who have completed a teacher education program outside of the United States may be eligible for certification provided they received their degree from an Institution of Higher Education (IHE).

Additional Resources for Hawaii Alternative Teacher Certification

The following resources provide additional information on becoming a teacher in Hawaii through an alternative route.
Types of Licenses Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

Schools with Programs for Alternate Certification in Hawaii

Because the alternative certification process is complex, we have researched and provided specific school programs below for individuals who have a bachelors degree outside of education and want to become a teacher. We recommend you: Request information from one or more of these specific programs

(Other master’s programs not listed below are intended for teachers who are trying to get deeper into their profession.)

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