Alabama Alternative Teacher Certification

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in an area outside teaching there are alternative ways to obtain a teacher certification in the state of Alabama.

If you attended a state-approved program that did not participate in the NASDTEC Interstate Contract, you may qualify for certification. Have your institution’s certification officer submit the required supplement to your application packet.

Transferring Teacher Certification From Another State

If you hold a valid teaching certificate from another state and have teaching experience there, you may qualify for Alabama teacher certification. The experience requirement is based on the NASDTEC Interstate Contract. Eligibility for Alabama certification will be determined then through the state certification office.

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Transferring Teacher Certification From Another Country

If you have foreign teaching credentials, you may also qualify for an Alabama teaching certificate. You must have your foreign credentials evaluated through an approved evaluation agency, a list of which is available from the Alabama Teacher Education and Certification Office.

Special Alternative Certificate

You may qualify for a special alternative certificate if you have a bachelor’s degree and you have been hired by a local board of education or a nonpublic school. The superintendent or headmaster may request this certificate for you for one school year (and may be renewed two times), so that you have adequate time to complete the requirements for an Alabama Class A (master’s degree) certificate through an Alabama Fifth-Year Program at a college or university.

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The Alternative Baccalaureate-Level Approach

The alternative baccalaureate-level approach is similar to the special alternative certificate in that you must have a bachelor’s degree and have been hired by a local board of education or a nonpublic school. Again, the certificate is requested by the administration, and expires at the end of the year, with possible reissuance for two additional years. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and be able to document experience or study in the field for which certification is desired. In addition, a mentor teacher must be assigned by the superintendent or headmaster. There are specific requirements related to the experience and the bachelor’s degree courses taken, so it would be wise to contact the state certification office for specific information on this option.

Teacher Reciprocity

For prospective teachers who have graduated from institutions outside of Alabama or have been certified in other states, certification may be obtained through reciprocal agreements, assuming that Alabama offers a comparable certificate in your desired certification area. This may be accomplished through completing a teacher education program at an NCATE-accredited teacher education program at a college or university in another state or complying with the requirements of the NASDTEC Interstate Contract. In this case, applicants should contact the certification office at their university to ensure that one of these options can be met.

Additional Resources for Alabama Alternative Teacher Certification

The following resources provide additional information on becoming a teacher in Alabama through an alternative route.
Alabama Troops to Teachers
Alabama Department of Education

Schools with Programs for Alternate Certification in Alabama

Because the alternative certification process is complex, we have researched and provided specific school programs below for individuals who have a bachelors degree outside of education and want to become a teacher. We recommend you: Request information from one or more of these specific programs

(Other master’s programs not listed below are intended for teachers who are trying to get deeper into their profession.)

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