Middle School Teacher Blogs

    Our list of middle school teacher blogs features authors from across the country who share the common goal of helping students be successful and sharing their experiences and lessons learned so other teachers can benefit.

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher
    Miss Klohn once thought it was her calling to be a primary teacher, but now she feels that sixth grade is exactly where she is meant to be. The language arts teacher – who is in her second year of teaching – invites readers to tour her Texas classroom virtually by providing glimpses of her Interactive Student Notebooks and favorite Anchor Charts, while calling for suggestions about how to recognize her school’s janitor for a job well done.

    The Classy Teacher
    Mitosis and meiosis were daunting concepts middle school science and math teacher Elaina Ann Weaver once dreaded presenting to her class, until lessons she found on the Internet thankfully helped save the day. In addition to harboring a past aversion for teaching cell division, The Classy Teacher author loathes grading book reports, but loves Zumba workouts and her pooch, Liberty Belle. Her blog posts reflect a sharing of advice and periodic request for help: seeking advice on how to manage students’ trips to the bathroom, and her disclosure of the most valuable question she asks parents at the beginning of each school year.

    Finding Joy in 6th Grade
    Kim started as a volunteer, became an instructional aide, and has now been a teacher at that very same California elementary school for over thirty years. She is as passionate about teaching as she is about sojourns to Starbucks. The Finding Joy in 6th Grade author has her class begin each school day with a handshake, a gesture that is slightly tweaked each week. With posts about teaching her students to be kind and compassionate to her blog’s title itself, it’s easy to see how readers often assume her name is Joy. This mistaken identity doesn’t faze Kim, who says joy is such a part of who she is anyway.

    Middle School Math Rules!
    As each school year commences, teacher Sherrie Nackel is certain that her students must think she is obsessive given her expectation that students must conform to precise classroom management practices. The mother of three boys is convinced, however, that such routines make class time more productive, and so shares pointers about the classroom management tools she’s created and guidelines for when to collect student paperwork.

    Musings from the Middle School
    On Musings from the Middle School, middle school teacher Jenna, who teaches in South Jersey, doles out freebie printables, scheduling and planning tips, and interactive lesson ideas that teachers can easily tailor, plus up-to-date ideas for engaging with emerging trends like Book Toks on TikTok.

    The Middle School Mouth
    On the Middle School Mouth, 17-year teaching veteran Randy accepts change gracefully. First, there’s a transition to teach science in addition to language arts, then there’s a move to a new bowling-alley shaped classroom, and finally, an assignment to be a looping teacher. He accepts such change with grace, providing much-sought-after blueprints for a new computer desk he has designed, and insight into the use of interactive notebooks and foldables.

    Life in Middle School
    When her Assistant Principal recently scolded a young narrator for making mistakes during her delivery of the school’s morning announcements, Lauren came to the conclusion that her school needs more kindness and less assertiveness. Lauren, who wears multiple hats of Computer Electives teacher, announcements coach and mother, shares newfound technology sites and resources with her readers, while pondering challenging times she and colleagues face in southern California.

    Little Miss Middle School
    Jennifer Tharp believes that play is an important way to take middle schoolers’ minds off worries. So, when she needs to get the attention of one of her male or female students, she has a unique habit: call out the student’s first name, along with the middle name, “Marie” – a playful practice that has led her students to refer to her as “Mrs. Tharp Marie.” Little Miss Middle School’s scribe also sounds a “fart soundboard” whenever someone new enters the classroom. Outside the classroom, the prank-inclined teacher loves watching Dallas Cowboys football and time with family.

    Oh Happy Day
    M.E. Hall teaches language arts to middle schoolers with mild disabilities and understands the challenges her students face, given that she has a special need of her own that stems from birth. The Oh Happy Day creator fills her site with candid reflections about her daily work experiences, using her writing as an outlet to compensate for those moments at school when she must refrain from comment and judgment.

    Sixth Grade All-Stars
    As a rookie teacher, Mrs. Crouse finds certain aspects of her new job to be overwhelming: a mountain of papers to grade, lesson plans to be prepared for her English language arts, geometry, science and history classes, and being observed by administrators. To combat such challenges, the Sixth Grade All-Stars blogger seeks teaching advice from more seasoned professionals, while giving readers a glimpse into her social life happenings outside the classroom.

    Surviving Sixth Grade
    Mrs. Jeff is a fifteen-year veteran teaching veteran, self-described technology aficionado, running club member, wife, and mother to a daughter with autism. On Surviving Sixth Grade, the South Carolina teacher discusses some of the ways she incorporates technology into her English lessons: regular student blogging, which helps increase readership and feedback of written work; VoiceThread which allows students to narrate multimedia presentations; and Animoto, which gives students the chance to create and share online videos.

    Teacher Talk
    Despite her high school students mischievously programming the language of their classroom iPads’ language to Japanese, Addie recognizes what a powerful technological tool the set of tablets are for her teaching. The Teacher Talk author, who calls Vancouver, Canada home, is a veritable outdoor enthusiast. She is as comfortable sporting snowshoes as she is on a bike or snowboard. The twelve-year teaching veteran also loves exploring American and Canadian national parks.

    To The Square Inch
    Kate Bee’s blog title borrows its name from an optimistic and well-known Walt Whitman quote that speaks to a bountiful amount of sunshine. Bee indeed has a soft spot in her heart for upbeat topics, ranging from skinny jeans and mini cupcakes to moments spent with her boyfriend, students, and family. Each day the New Yorker teaches six different classes at a Catholic school, including math, science, and health.

    Upside Down Education
    Finding ways to integrate technology into the classroom excites Alabama science teacher Amanda Dykes. On Upside Down Education, she reflects upon girls’ education, the purpose of schools, and whether learning activities are designed to focus upon “teaching or playing school.” Amanda is also a fervent supporter of Alabama football and the Red Sox.

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