Ohio Alternative Teacher Certification

Individuals who have earned a college degree outside of education can pursue alternative teacher certification to become a teacher in the state of Ohio. Alternative teacher certification in the state is specifically designed for those who are changing careers but have not yet completed a teacher preparation program.

Requirements for Alternative Certification

The minimum education requirement for alternative teacher certification is a bachelor’s degree. As with traditional-route educators, candidates for an Ohio teaching license following alternative pathways must complete a teacher preparation program and the state’s certification examinations for educators. Most teacher preparation programs can be completed in one year as a post-baccalaureate certificate, although there are also programs to earn master’s degree in education, or in a teachable content area that includes an approved certification program, that can qualify candidates for licensure.

Types of Alternative Teaching Licenses in Ohio

The state of Ohio is committed to increasing the pool of highly-qualified teacher candidates to teach in Ohio schools. There are two main pathways for alternative licensure in the state.

Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute

The Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute (ITPI) is a self-paced program that allows those with a bachelor’s degree to learn the fundamentals of student development, teaching as a profession, and teaching practice. The first step to entering the ITPI program is to complete an evaluation request application to determine if required coursework guidelines have been met. The candidate must then complete the appropriate content assessment for the desired licensure area, pass the required background checks, and register for the IPTI. Candidates will then be issued an Alternative Resident Educator License Statement of Eligibility and be able to seek employment as a full-time teacher under this license. After completing the IPTI program requirements, the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Assessment of Professional Knowledge, and four years of teaching experience, the candidate will be eligible for a regular Professional Educator License.

Alternative Resident Educator (A-RE) for Career-Technical Workforce Development

Those who wish to teach career and technical education subjects may be eligible for the Alternative Resident Educator (A-RE) for Career-Technical Workforce Development programs. The minimum requirements for this type of alternative vocational license are a high school diploma; five years of full-time work experience in the career field to be taught; and at least four semester hours of an approved career-technical teacher education program. Candidates may receive a full professional career and technical education teaching license after completing a 24-semester hour teacher preparation program in the subject(s) to be taught.

Testing Requirements for Ohio Alternative Certification

All candidates for Professional Educator teacher licensing in Ohio must pass the same exams as traditional-route teachers, the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Assessment of Professional Knowledge. However, career and technical education vocational licensure candidates are not required to take these exams if licensure qualifications are met through experience and/or previous education in the subject area(s) to be taught. For more information, consult the Ohio Department of Education.

Transferring Teaching Licenses from Another State

For experienced teachers with out-of-state certifications, Ohio reciprocity is possible provided applicants fulfill the certification requirements, which include verification of teaching experience and completion of comparable out-of-state licensure exams, as well as official transcripts from all institutions attended. For more information on reciprocity, see our interstate reciprocity guide or contact the Ohio Department of Education.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information on becoming a teacher in Ohio through alternative certification.

Schools with Alternative Certification Programs in Ohio

Because the alternative certification process is complex, we have researched and provided specific school programs below for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree outside of education and want to become a teacher. We recommend you request information from one or more of these specific programs:

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