How to Become a Teacher in Columbus

Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, is home to the state’s largest public school district, Columbus City Schools. This district oversees 109 schools and over 51,000 children each year.2 There are at least 18,440 teachers in Columbus with encouraging projected growth rates for teachers of all age groups.2 To become a teacher in the Columbus public school system, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree, a teacher preparation program, and the Ohio Assessment for Educators, although private and charter schools in Columbus may not require certification. Keep reading to find out more about Columbus teaching jobs and resources.

Columbus School District Steps for Becoming a Teacher

If you don’t already have a degree, you can work towards teaching certification by completing an approved teacher preparation program as part of a bachelor’s degree. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, consider an alternative educator program. See the Certification section for more information on these pathways. Once you have your certification, look for jobs in the Columbus area by following the steps below.

Step 1: Complete the online application.

To apply to jobs in the Columbus City Schools district, search for opportunities in the online job bank and complete an online application through the TeacherMatch system. You will need to apply to each position you wish to be considered for.

Step 2: Attend an interview with a school leader or panel.

Each school reviews applications individually to fill open positions. If your application is successful, you will likely be invited to attend an interview with the school administration. You may need to bring additional documents or prepare sample lesson plans. The school will tell you of any additional steps required.

Step 3: Complete the hiring process.

If the school would like to hire you, you will receive an offer and will likely need to complete administrative paperwork before beginning to teach. The school will advise you on the exact requirements including any required orientation events or documents.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher with the Columbus School District

Substitute teaching positions are posted on the same school district job board as permanent teaching positions. You must have a bachelor’s degree and pass a background check to be eligible and you will likely be invited to an interview before being approved. Teaching certification is not required but may be an asset. You should apply online to be considered for substitute teaching.

Columbus Teacher Certification Requirements

Columbus teachers must follow the statewide requirements for teaching certification. You will need to complete a bachelor’s degree and a teacher preparation program, although these may be combined if you do not already have a bachelor’s degree. Both options require in-class teaching experience to help you transition to a teaching career upon graduation. Once you have finished the educational requirements, you will need to pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators to earn an initial license. As you gain more experience, you may be eligible for the advanced license. See our Ohio certification page for more information.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and choose to complete an alternative teaching certification program, you may be able to earn a salary while you complete your teaching requirements through a flexible internship-type program. See our Ohio alternative certification page to learn more. If you are an out-of-state teacher, you may be eligible for reciprocity if you already hold certification from another state.

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Private and Charter School Teacher Requirements in Columbus

Sometimes private and charter schools have different hiring requirements than public schools. While having a teaching certificate will never harm your application, it may not be a requirement for working in a private or charter school, especially if you have relevant experience or expertise. Look for jobs in these schools online or through professional networks and be prepared to submit your resume and cover letter. You may also be asked to send additional documents, such as references, transcripts, or lesson plans. Private and charter schools will likely contact you directly to set up an interview before you are given a job offer. Private and charter schools teach children all over Columbus and employ many teachers each year. Here are some well-known schools in the Columbus area.

Private Schools in Columbus

Charter Schools in Columbus

Columbus Teacher Salary and Jobs Outlook

The average annual Columbus teacher salary is in line with or slightly above state and national averages according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Secondary school teachers in Columbus reportedly earn the highest annual salary at an average of $64,180, followed by middle school teachers ($61,040), elementary school teachers ($60,740), and kindergarten teachers ($54,930).1 Compared to statewide averages, middle school and secondary school teachers earn $2,910 and $4,520 more in Columbus on average respectively, while elementary school teachers earn $2,200 more and kindergarten teachers earn $700 more on average each year compared to Ohio teachers overall.1,4 Ohio salary averages for teachers are very similar to national averages.5

Secondary school teachers and elementary school teachers are included in the Columbus area’s highest projected occupational openings list, with a respective 303 and 255 average annual new positions projected through 2022.3 However, the highest growth rates projected are among kindergarten, elementary, and middle school teaching positions, at 12.2% to 12.3% through 2022.3 Secondary school teaching positions are projected to increase by 5.4% during this time as well.3

Columbus Teaching Jobs Boards

Check online job boards frequently to find new job postings throughout the year. This list includes job boards with Columbus teaching job opportunities.

Search our Jobs Board to find teaching jobs in the Columbus area.

Additional Resources for Teaching in Columbus

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