How to Become a Teacher in Baltimore

Public school teachers in Baltimore are employed by the Baltimore City Public Schools district and must hold Maryland teacher certification issued by the Maryland State Department of Education. Becoming certified requires completing a bachelor’s degree and teacher preparation program and passing the state’s exams for prospective teachers. Candidates for teaching jobs in Baltimore private and charter schools may not be required to hold Maryland teacher certification, but must usually have at least a bachelor’s degree. The job outlook for teachers in the Baltimore City Workforce Region is positive with new openings projected for all school types through 2020.1

Baltimore School District Steps for Becoming a Teacher

There are several ways to begin your career as a teacher in Maryland. The state has a multi-tiered licensing system that enables you to progress to higher levels of certification as you gain experience. The traditional pathway to the first level (the Professional Eligibility Certificate) involves completing a Maryland Approved Program (MAP), which is bachelor’s degree with teacher preparation included in the program. If you have completed a bachelor’s degree that is not a MAP, you can complete an alternative educator program to earn certification. See the Certification section for more information.

Once you have a teaching certificate, you must follow a multi-step process to be considered for a teaching position, which involves:

Step 1: Complete an online profile.

To be considered for Baltimore City Public Schools jobs, you need to complete an online profile, which includes three essay questions. You must also provide a resume, college transcripts, Praxis scores, proof of valid teaching certificate, and three professional references. You will then complete a telephone interview with the district’s human resources team before being accepted into the teacher applicant pool.

Step 2: Be interviewed by a school leader or panel.

Once you have applied for open positions, school leaders may contact you directly through the online iRecruitment system or via email to set up interviews. You will likely be invited to complete an interview with a school leader. If the interview goes well, the school leader will send a recommendation to hire to the school board for the position and your qualifications will be verified.

Step 3: Complete the hiring process.

Following the interview and a recommendation to hire, candidates must complete the hiring process with the Baltimore City Public Schools Human Capital Office, which is the district’s final hiring authority.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher with the Baltimore School District

To be eligible to work as a short-term substitute teacher with Baltimore City Public Schools, candidates must possess a high school diploma, pass a criminal background check and medical clearance, and must have completed a minimum of 30 college credits. Candidates for long-term assignments must have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, prospective Baltimore substitute teachers must provide two professional references and complete an interview. To apply, complete the online application. If you are selected, you will be required to attend a mandatory orientation session to prepare for your first assignment.

Baltimore Teacher Certification Requirements

All teacher certification applicants in Maryland must complete a bachelor’s degree, an approved teacher preparation program, and successfully pass the Basic Skills test and any necessary content and pedagogy tests related to the age range and teachable subjects sought. Applications for teacher certification can be completed using the online application. To learn more about the traditional path to teaching certification in Maryland, view our Maryland Teaching and Certification Resource page.

Prospective teachers in Baltimore who hold a bachelor’s degree but did not complete teacher preparation may pursue alternative teacher certification, which may allow candidates to hold a teaching job while completing teacher education requirements. It may also be possible to earn a teaching certificate if you have extensive subject knowledge in an approved secondary school subject. More information about the alternative path to certification can be found through our Maryland alternative certification resource.

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Private and Charter School Teacher Requirements in Baltimore

Teaching positions with private or charter schools in Baltimore may have different requirements than those with the Baltimore City Public Schools. Private and charter schools may hire candidates who do not have Maryland teacher certification but do have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, some schools prefer to hire candidates who hold state certification to teach.

Private and Charter Schools

Private and charter schools both operate outside of public school requirements and have their own hiring procedures. Take a look at school websites to learn more about the schools and their open positions.

Private Schools in Baltimore

Charter Schools in Baltimore

Baltimore Teacher Salary and Jobs Outlook

Average annual Baltimore teacher salaries are comparable to or slightly lower than Maryland teacher salaries but are higher than national averages.2,3,4 In the Baltimore-Columbia-Towson metropolitan area, secondary school teachers earn the most at an average of $64,400 compared to $66,080 in the state overall and $60,440 nationally.3 The greatest difference in pay is among middle school teachers, who earn an average of $59,410 in the city while the statewide average is $65,940.2,3 Kindergarten teachers earn an average of $58,080 and elementary school teachers earn an average of $61,910 in Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, which are comparable to state averages ($58,820 and $63,750) respectively.2,3

Almost 2,200 job openings across all school types are expected through 2020, with the most openings for elementary school teachers (1,082) and secondary school teachers (740).1 These openings will be driven by a combination of new positions and replacements.

Baltimore Teaching Jobs Boards

Look for open positions and job requirements on Baltimore teacher job boards. Here are a few to help you in your job search.

Check out our Jobs Board to search for teaching jobs in Baltimore now.

Additional Resources for Teaching in Baltimore

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