Teacher Blogs by Innovative Educators

    The following blogs were selected for our list based on their high quality of content and recommendations from other teacher bloggers. These blogs provide an abundance of information and insights into teaching, useful resources, and tips for effective teaching.

    Cool Cat Teacher Blog
    This award-winning blog shares a ton of useful teaching tools and discusses how to leverage new technology to enhance learning.

    Bud the Teacher
    Bud is an instructional technologist who writes about a wide range of topics from future of teaching to classroom technology.

    Free Technology for Teachers
    This is a great resource for learning about useful tools that can be used in the classroom.

    The Blog
    The Blog by José Luis Vilson, a veteran middle grades educator and author of This Is Not a Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and the Future of Education, discusses some of the most pressing issues facing public education on the national stage today.

    The Nerdy Teacher
    Nicholas Provenzano writes education lessons from The Goonies, improving technology use in the classroom, and epic school projects.

    iLearn Technology
    This blog provides a ton of resources for teaching with technology and tips for how to use them in the classroom.

    Moving at the Speed of Creativity
    Wesley Fryer is a teacher, speaker, and prolific podcaster who shares an abundance of education tools and interesting ideas on digital learning.

    Building Confident Learners
    This award-winning blog discusses topics like education policy, classroom technology tools, and teaching quality.

    Learning in Hand
    Tony Vincent provides information and resources for teaching using mobile devices like the iPod Touch and iPad. Also be sure to read our interview with Tony for his insights into careers in teaching and learning consultancy.

    Teacher Reboot Camp
    This blog features resources for teachers, great video interviews, and aims to create a collaborative environment for helping teachers engage students.

    2 Cents Worth
    Author David Warlick offers observations and ideas on education, thoughts on education technology, and things learned during his travels.

    The Tech Savvy Educator
    At The Tech Savvy Educator, Ben Rimes writes about integrating technology into the classroom, video story problems, and online learning.

    The Creative Classroom
    Author and teacher John T. Spencer writes about education policy, interesting life experiments like living out aspects of Facebook, and teaching tips.

    A Missouri biology teacher and technology instructional specialist provides thoughtful commentary on education topics like the role of technology in education and lessons learned from sports and ideas like administrators as teachers.

    Two Writing Teachers
    Authors Ruth Ayers and Stacey Shubitz discuss teaching students to write, suggested writing tools, and new books.

    Function of Time
    Kate Nowak authors this math blog discussing ideas for teaching specific math concepts, math games, and reflections on math education.

    Loyola’s Education Law and Policy Institute Blog
    This blog, with posts by students and faculty at Loyola University Chicago, covers policy updates and commentary on education policy issues.

    Literate Lives
    This blog about reading education features reviews of children’s literature and insights into working as a school librarian.

    Educating Alice
    Huffington Post contributor Monica Edinger writes thoughtful commentary on education topics and insights into teaching the fourth grade.

    Raising Readers and Writers
    This blog discusses teaching with the workshop approach, cool classroom projects, student blogging, and insights into teaching elementary students.

    A Year of Reading
    This blog by two teachers who are also authors features book reviews and author interviews.

    Reflections on Teaching
    An elementary computer lab teacher writes about California education policy, Web 2.0 tools for the classroom, and provides insights into teaching.

    Always Learning
    Kim Cofino teaches technology around the world and writes in-depth articles about teaching technology and teaching abroad.

    The Story Behind the History
    This blog by an elementary history teacher has over 800 posts about history education and interesting history facts.

    Megan Golding
    A 9th grade math teacher in Georgia writes about relating to students, math lesson ideas, and creative ways to engage students.

    Kevin’s Meandering Mind
    Kevin Hodgson writes about good books and how gaming can be used in the classroom to engage students.

    The PE Geek
    Jarrod Robinson is a PE teacher from Victoria, Australia who writes about using technology to engage physical education students.

    Successful Teaching
    This blog shares views on education and teaching tips from a teacher with 30 years of experience.

    Physics in Flux
    Engineer and high school physics teacher Dan Fullerton discusses teaching physics, physics books, and classroom tools.

    Kindergarten’s 3 R’s
    Michaele Sommerville, a kindergarten teacher discusses early childhood education, crafts for the classroom, and kindergarten resources.

    Ask A Tech Teacher
    A California technology teacher and author shares tech tips and recommended online resources.

    Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…
    English language teacher and author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves, Larry Ferlazzo blogs about teaching English and great education sites and articles.

    Teacher Tom
    Tom, a preschool teacher in Seattle, discusses the importance of early education, lesson ideas, and thoughts on helping lay the groundwork for future academic success.

    Science Teacher
    A pediatrician turned teacher shares thoughtful commentary on education issues and policy.

    Educational Technology Guy
    A physics teacher discusses a wide range of education topics from technology to pedagogy.

    Gail Desler discusses learning in the digital age, teaching tools, writing, and digital storytelling.

    Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom
    An instructional technologist provides guides on using tech tools in the classroom, lists of helpful resources, and ideas on teacher leadership.

    A high school math teacher aims to teach life lessons while also teaching math. She discusses math education topics, class management, and math lesson ideas at her blog.

    Frank Noschese is a physics teacher who writes about teaching physics, Khan Academy criticism, and physics videos.

    Physics of Learning
    Doug Smith was an engineer before he became a teacher and writes about science education, math curriculum, and thoughts on effective instruction.

    Math Teacher Mambo
    A math teacher from central Texas writes about fun math problems, lesson ideas, and observations of students.

    The Global Citizen in International Business Education
    Written by Long S. Le, Lecturer and Management Director, International Business Minor at the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, this blog explores global citizenship and global awareness in an educational context with case studies, roundups, and more.

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