Early Childhood Education Blogs

    early-childhoodParticipating in a community of bloggers who share a passion for educating kids is its own reward for the writers of these early childhood education blogs. Carving out time to blog in days packed with activity is part of the balancing act for busy teachers and at-home educators who eagerly share tried-and-true ideas tested in the trenches teaching early learners. We commend these teachers for taking the time to share their ideas, experiences, and advice with the early childhood educator community. If you would like to recommend an early childhood education blog to add to this list, please contact us to help improve our resource.

    Teach Preschool
    Experienced early childhood educator Deborah Steward provides blog posts emphasizing learning through play.

    A blog focused on teaching four- and five-year-olds with engaging activities and skills-based learning.

    Wise Owl Factory
    The Wise Owl Factory features book reviews, interactive activity ideas, downloadable rubrics, and more.

    What the Teacher Wants
    A team effort, this website provides teaching ideas for grades K-6, with dedicated sections focused on math and language arts.

    Mrs. Jump’s Class
    Deanna Jump provides curriculum and lesson ideas, scheduling tips, organization systems, and more on this colorful blog.

    Miss Kindergarten
    Free downloads abound on Miss Kindergarten, which focuses on the needs of early childhood learners.

    Doodle Bugs
    An experienced first grade teacher shares her classroom ideas with a focus on crafts and seasonal and holiday-based learning.

    Fun in First
    First grade teacher Jodi Southard writes about activities, must-have supplies, and managing student-teacher and parent-teacher relationships in the modern classroom.

    Erica’s Ed-Ventures
    A first grade teacher shares ideas and inspiration for engaged learning.

    First Grade Blue Skies
    National Board Certified educator Jennifer White writes about teaching and learning in kindergarten and first grade, with an emphasis on directed drawings and read-aloud activities.

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten
    This actively-updated blog shares ideas for active learning in kindergarten through traditional skills learning as well as digitally-based learning.

    Kreative in Life
    This blog shares tips for home-based learning for young children as well as ideas for building parenting skills.

    A Differentiated Kindergarten
    A Differentiated Kindergarten focuses on skills- and knowledge-building in individualized classrooms, with tips on implementing differentiated learning and instruction.

    Finally in First
    Shares assessments, game ideas, and drawing activities for young learners.

    A Teeny Tiny Teacher
    Kristin Oldham shares her ideas for leading an engaged classroom and the teacher’s life.

    Sharing Kindergarten
    A trove of student assessment ideas, educational games, craft activities, and more, all targeted at kindergarten.

    Right From the Start
    Focused on preschool learners, this blog shares ideas on inclusion, play-based learning, and book reviews.

    Grade Onederful
    Learning activities, book reviews, and classroom supply ideas for K-3 teachers and parents.

    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten
    Experienced K-2 teacher Anita Bremer writes about teaching tips, book activities, and more.

    Crazy for First Grade
    This regularly-updated blog focuses on providing resources for first grade educators, including fun math learning ideas.

    The Learning Tree
    Professionally-focused blog shares tips on classroom management, saving money on school supplies, organization, and other ideas.

    Kindergarten Kiosk
    Several educators regularly contribute to Kindergarten Kiosk, which hosts ideas for guided reading, writing, math, thematic teaching, and related resources.