Teacher Tips: Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom management is the way in which an educator delivers the classroom curriculum, lessons and the environment they provide for their students. There are many strategies that are used to provide students of all ages with an effective learning experience. Classroom management strategies create consistency in the classroom, keep students on task, and set consequences to correct students’ wrong behaviors. The following guide presents educators with important management strategies to use in the classroom to make lessons more effective.

General Classroom Discipline and Management

  • Sample Classroom Management Plan: Detailed example of a classroom management plan, including classroom rules and procedures, encouraging students, and providing positive reinforcement.
  • Eight Secrets of Class Design: Article for educators on how to create a fun learning environment for successful learning.
  • Identifying Types of Discipline: Learn about the three types of discipline – preventive, supportive, and corrective – with this self-evaluation guide.
  • Classroom Management Plan: Tips on how to clarify and express expectations of students, develop a set of rules and consequences, and provide corrective discipline.
  • Discipline in the Classroom: List of classroom discipline topics, including maintaining control and teaching while still having fun.

Elementary Discipline Strategies

Discipline Strategies for Older Students

Tips to Keep Elementary Students Interested

Tips to Keep High School Students Interested

Large Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom Games

How to Deal with Angry Parents