Online Study Resource for Teacher Certification

Teacher certification is the process in which qualified teachers become licensed to teach in a specified area. To become licensed, teachers must undergo a series of coursework, exams, degrees, and other criteria, according to the state in which you plan to teach. To prepare for your teacher certification, potential educators will need to study the criteria that will be covered on the certification exams. The following resources will provide study and review pages, practice exams, and ways to reduce your stress before the big exam.

Study & Review Sites

  • AEPA Study Guides: The AEPA examination is required as part of the teacher certification process by the Arizona State Board of Education.
  • CBASE Study Guides: The CBASE examination was developed at the University of Missouri and is typically taken by students after completing a college-level core curriculum.
  • CBEST Study Guides: The CBEST examination is required for anyone aspiring to teach at a school in California or Oregon.
  • CSET Study Guides: The CSET examination is a required part of the state teachers credential process in California.
  • FTCE Study Guides: The FTCE examination consists of three tests that must be passed to be certified as a teacher in Florida.
  • GACE Study Guides: The GACE examination is part of the national standards for entry-level teachers.
  • ICTS Study Guides: The ICTS examination is a mandatory test for Illinois educators, administrators, and school staff.
  • MTEL Study Guides: The MTEL examination is part of the mandatory requirements for becoming a teacher in Massachusetts.
  • MTTC Study Guides: The MTTC examination is part of the required certification process for teachers in Michigan.
  • NYSTCE Study Guides: The NYSTCE examination is a mandatory assessment test series required for teaching in New York State.
  • ParaPro Study Guides: The ParaPro examination is given to those interested in becoming a certified teacher’s aide.
  • PLACE Study Guides: The PLACE examination is required by the Colorado Department of Education as part of the educator licensing process.
  • PRAXIS I Study Guides: The PRAXIS I examination is given around the country to measure aptitude for earning a degree in the field of teaching.
  • PRAXIS II Study Guides: The PRAXIS II examination is a part of an assessment series used to measure general or specified content skills.
  • TExES Study Guides: The TExES examination is required in the state of Texas as part of the educator certification process.

Practice Exams

  • CSET Practice Test: The CSET practice test presents students with a list of correct answers for the questions that they got wrong and right.
  • MTEL Licensure Practice Tests: List of practice educator licensure tests in every subject.
  • TExES Exam Practice Tests: List of practice tests with complete questions and answers for TExES test preparation.
  • GACE English Practice Test: Students can take this seventeen question GACE practice exam to review the English portion of their certification.
  • MTTC Test Preparation: Complete math course for students taking the MTTC educator certification exam.
  • NYSTCE Test Guide: Review for the NYSTCE examination with these practice questions.
  • PRAXIS Practice Tests: Sample questions that will be similar to those shown on the PRAXIS examination.
  • CBEST Practice Test: List of free practice tests for new teachers who are taking the California Basic Education Skills Test.
  • FTCE Test Selection: Practice FTCE tests with information about calculators and tests with essays.
  • ParaPro Assessment: These ParaPro assessment resources provide students with practice training and sample exam questions.

Ways to Reduce Stress

  • Dealing with Test Anxiety: Advice on getting ready for a test and how to relax while taking different types of test, such as essay or multiple choice.
  • Test Anxiety: Steps that each student should take before, during, and after taking an important test.
  • How to Reduce Test Anxiety: Tips for studying to reduce test anxiety and stress busters to perform during a test.
  • Test Anxiety Checklist: List of symptoms that those who suffer with test anxiety often get and tips on how to resolve these issues.
  • Dealing with Test Anxiety: Ideas on how to reduce stress and be prepared for your test or exam.
  • Anxiety Before a Test: Steps each student should take before heading to a test to ensure a successful performance.
  • Causes and Myths of Test Anxiety: Learn about the different types of test anxiety, their causes, common myths, and important relaxation techniques.
  • Stress Reduction: Brief article on simple things you can do to prepare yourself for a test, while reducing stress.
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety: Steps that each student can take to reduce their anxiety to a manageable level while taking exams.

Resources for Finishing High School

  • GED For adult students who want to achieve results and move to the next level of their goals, Franklin Virtual High School offers online GED alternatives.