Teacher Resources: Educational Games and Puzzles to Make Learning Fun

Incorporating educational games and puzzles into today’s school curriculum is a great way to build a foundation of language and math skills. This collection of teacher resources for kids is fun, free, and teaches children the fundamentals of learning for elementary and middle school students. Educational games and puzzles can build skills in language arts, math, social studies, science, and more. Use the following resources to find educational tools for your lesson plans and make learning fun.

Brain Teasers


  • Word Searches, Printables & Worksheets: Find a variety of word searches that focus on animals, book-themed, holiday, math, skills, and more.
  • Puzzles Printable Center: Educational games and puzzles, including connect the dots, mazes, crossword puzzles, decoding puzzles, and image searches.
  • Brain Bashers: Find a wide range of puzzles, including word puzzles, mazes, jigsaws, and crossword puzzles.
  • Printable Jigsaw Puzzles: Collection of themed printable jigsaw puzzles for holidays, seasons, and more.
  • Neuroscience for Kids: Printable worksheets focusing on neuroscience, including word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, and related lessons.
  • Math and Logic Puzzles: This web page provides a variety of math and logic puzzles, such as measuring and symmetry puzzles.


  • Math Riddles: Large selection of math riddles from easy to very challenging on various math subtopics, such as geometry and probability.
  • Logic Puzzles and Riddles: Here you will find logic, math, science, and many other puzzles and riddles for young students.
  • AZ Kids Riddles: List of fun riddles for elementary and middle school students to help get them thinking.
  • Middle School Riddles: Collection of riddles with answers that are suitable for middle school students.
  • Challenging Riddles: Students can challenge themselves by finding the answers to these more difficult riddles.
  • Food Group Riddles: These riddles can be incorporated into lesson plans pertaining to food groups and nutrition.


Other Educational Fun