50+ Career Interviews with Current Teachers

    Our teacher career interviews provide insights and advice about the teaching field from leaders in the education community. Learn what it is like to be a teacher from the experiences shared in these interviews and find out tactics and tools teachers are using to manage their time and teach effectively.

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    Rebecca Ross
    Washington State Kindergarten Teacher

    Dana Lester
    Tennessee First Grade Teacher

    Julie Hicks
    Alabama Kindergarten Teacher

    Alicia Lochridge
    Nevada First Grade Teacher

    Christi Fultz
    Former Indiana Third Grade Teacher

    Mimi Hager
    Virginia Fifth Grade Teacher

    Linda Dunnavant
    Alabama Fifth Grade Teacher

    Sarah Moellering
    Missouri Second Grade Teacher

    Kathryn Laster
    Texas Math Teacher

    Scott Keltner
    Kansas Math Teacher

    Meg Jacobson
    Colorado Science Teacher

    Chris Mitchell
    Science Teacher in Korea