How to Become a Teacher in Austin

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are 20,960 teachers in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area.1 Many of these teachers work in the Austin Independent School District, the city’s publicly funded school board. Now may be a good time to pursue teaching in Austin, as the city has a high projected growth rate of 37.5% for teaching positions from 2014 to 2024.2 You will need at least a bachelor’s degree to earn your teaching certificate from the Texas State Board for Educator Certification, which is required for public school jobs. For more information about teaching jobs in private and charter schools, refer to our private and charter schools in Austin section.

Austin School District Steps for Becoming a Teacher

You can pursue a career in teaching either through a traditional bachelor’s degree and approved educator program or an alternative teacher preparation program if you already have a bachelor’s degree in another area. Once you have completed the program, you will need to pass certification exams related to the age range and subjects you plan to teach and then apply for Texas teaching certification. See the certification section for more information. Once you are certified, follow these steps to apply to teaching jobs in Austin Independent School District schools.

Step 1: Complete the online application.

The first step is to complete the Austin Independent School Board online application and submit it with your transcripts, cover letter, resume, and proof of certification.

Step 2: Attend an interview with a school leader or panel.

Once your application has been approved in the school district database, principals will be able to review it and contact you to set up an interview if your skills are a match. Interviews are organized directly by each school and are typically done in-person. Many interviews require you to prepare lesson plans or give a sample lesson to your peers so that they can get a sense of your teaching style.

Step 3: Complete the hiring process.

If you are offered a position, you will be required to fill out several forms related to payroll and benefits. Each school may also have specific instructions for you before you start your first day of work.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher with the Austin School District

To obtain work as a substitute teacher with the Austin Independent School Board, you should complete the online application. Two types of substitute positions are available. The Classified (or Clerical) Substitute position is open to any individual with a high school diploma or GED. You should have some experience working with children and administrative skills. The other position, Substitute Teacher, is open to any applicant who has completed at least 60 hours of community college credit, although you will earn more per day if you have a bachelor’s degree. Also, a Texas teaching certificate and experience working with students are preferred for this position.

To apply for either position, complete the online application and submit a fingerprint background check and college transcripts (if applicable). You will also need to complete New Hire forms and attend an orientation session, which is offered weekly throughout the school year. Both short- and long-term placements are handled through the district’s Substitute Office.

Austin Teacher Certification Requirements

Becoming a teacher in Texas requires you to earn teacher certification either through traditional or alternative methods. Traditionally, candidates complete an approved teacher preparation program as part of a bachelor’s degree, which includes a student teaching component. Learn more on our Texas certification page. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can complete an alternative educator program that may allow you to gain teaching experience while working towards certification. You can find more information about this path on our Texas alternative certification page.

Once you have completed a program, you must take the appropriate exams for the level you wish to teach and then submit your application with a fingerprint background check to the Texas State Board of Education.

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Private and Charter School Teacher Requirements in Austin

Unlike public schools, private and charter schools do not always require you to have teaching certification, but it may be an asset. Relevant experience and subject knowledge are important and a bachelor’s degree is likely the minimum requirement for private or charter school teaching jobs in Austin. To find jobs outside the public school system, contact schools directly, search job banks online, or attend job fairs and networking events. The hiring process often involves submitting a resume and cover letter and attending an interview with the principal or other school officials. Private schools are funded through private donations and revenue while charter schools are publicly funded but operate according to unique charter agreements according to their location or area of expertise. Here are some well-known private and charter schools in Austin.

Private Schools in Austin

Charter Schools in Austin

Austin Teacher Salary and Jobs Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area make similar annual incomes regardless of the age range taught as the average elementary, middle school, and high school teacher salaries all ranged between $52,590 and $52,670 in 2015.1 This range is comparable to average state salaries for teachers in Texas, which ranged between $52,810 and $53,640, but were below national averages ($57,730 to $60,440).3

Austin is located in the Capital Workforce Development Area, which projects an outstanding 37.5% increase in teaching jobs between 2014 and 2024, with over 1,000 projected job openings each year due to new positions.2 The greatest projected growth rates are for middle school (38.7%), elementary school (38.5%), and secondary school (38.1%).2

Austin Teaching Jobs Boards

Online job boards are a great way to find opportunities in the many public, private, and charter schools throughout Austin.

Additional Resources for Teaching in Austin

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